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By September 29, 2009hanson says this

Too Much Music

You heard me right. There’s too much music out there. I don’t even know what to listen to next. Everyday I hear something awesome that I haven’t heard before. Sometimes it’s new stuff. But sometimes it’s been around for years and years. “How the hell have I not heard of this stuff?”, I say to myself on a daily basis. William Elliot Whitmore, Budgie, The Devil Makes Three, Jonathan Richman…The list goes on and on and on.

Just last night Herb and I crashed at Mark’s house outside of Slippery Rock, PA (thanks a million for the kindness), and he kept throwing in cd after cd of great stuff that was all new to me. It was great. And earlier that night someone threw a couple names of guys to check out. This happens pretty much everyday in my life. If I’m lucky enough to find the time to listen to all these great musicians and songwriters, I sure don’t have the money to go out and give then the support that their talents deserve. It’s frustrating.

But you know what? I think this is a pretty good problem to have. How awesome is it that the never ending quest to hear great music will most likely really never end? That’s awesome. I encourage all you folks out there to keep throwing out the recommendations. I will too. Some artists we’ll like. Some we won’t. And the whole while we’ll be listening. Listening to music. There’s nothing better.


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