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I’ve been calling her Crandall!!!

We meet a lot of people in our line of work. And a lot of people meet us. Sometimes names get cluttered up in my ol’ noggin and I forget who someone is. I can’t count how many times Herb and I have secret meetings to try and remember what someones name is. We’re great at faces. Usually. But names, not so much. So I want to take a quick second here to apologize to anyone that has ever been offended because I forgot their name. It’s definitely nothing personal. And it doesn’t mean you’ve left a lacking impression or anything. I’m just kinda slow.

At least I don’t call you something else. That reminds me of this time long ago when I was called the wrong name. It was at an open mic years ago. I met this guy, who for some reason heard me call myself Steve when I introduced myself to him. At the time, I didn’t correct him because I thought I prolly wouldn’t ever see him again. Or something like that. I’m actually not sure why I didn’t correct him. Anyway, I did see him again. And he kept calling me Steve. The first few times it was funny and I didn’t think much of it. And eventually it was too late to correct him because then it would look like I was having a laugh at his expense. Which wasn’t the case at all. So it went on like this. For about a year. He became a loyal regular to the open mic that Herb and I were running.

Finally one day it all came crashing down. This guy was talking to another buddy of mine and referenced me as Steve. My friend Bill, not knowing who he was talking about, inquired further. Eventually putting it all together, he corrected this fellow and instructed him of my real name. At which time the poor guy comes up to me to apologize. I refused his apology and punched him in the face. Not really. I explained the whole story to him and assured him it was no big deal. And then we laughed. Oh, how we laughed!

So if ya want, you can call me Steve. I’m used to answering to it.


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