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It’s that time of year again.

My favorite holiday is almost upon us. Two days away actually. Halloween. I love Halloween. More than Christmas. More than New Years. More than St. Patrick’s Day. Even more than Flag Day. That’s right. I said it. Halloween is the best.

But with every Halloween comes the incredible anxiety of picking the perfect costume for the annual festivities in West Virginia. We’ve all been going to the ShepTown Halloween gathering for at least ten years. Some of us more. And let me tell you, the costumes rock. And I always feel mine is a bit lacking. Sure, a couple times I’ve figured out something pretty cool (Duffman, Bob Ross, Doc Brown). But other years I was kinda embarrassed during the unveiling (big fat party animal, Harry Carey). And here I sit, two days until go time, and I have no idea what I’m gonna be. Just like every year.

Anyone out there in internet land have any good ideas? What are you gonna be this year? I’m not gonna steal it. Trust me.


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