Prayed for the Rain

By December 1, 2009herb's eye view

Jonothan was a lad; and he was glad that he had

3 cigarettes, 3 matches, and 3 rings

The first ring he found buried sound, ‘neath the ground

and the other 2 were presents from kings

The first smoke he lit and when he was finished with it

he lit a second ‘fore the first one went dead

So he smoked down the road carrying a slight load

of 2 matches, 3 rings, and a red

Suzanne was a girl with a grin and a twirl

that was carried by the song in the air

She’d dance and she’d sing as she played in the wind

and let the golden breeze tickle her hair

The song she had sung had miraculously flung

her love of wind eddies and dance

to where the land meets the sea and the pelicans fly free

and, unbeknownst to her, a perfect romance

And so he took to the beach and he sought as he reached

for the infinite stars from above

when he heard a sweet voice of rejoice, not by choice

and it reminded him of when he first loved

With a voice, oh! So sweet! And her hair to her feet

she delicately approached the young man

Jonothan met Suzanne as he took both her hands

and they danced and left their footprints in sand


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