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By January 12, 2010hanson says this

A Little Business Talk

So, I don’t normally bring up business on this here blog, (Heck, I haven’t brought up ANYTHING in quite some time) but I have a request for you folks out there. We are putting some final touches on a southern tour for this spring, and we’ll be heading into a bunch of markets where we haven’t been before. Keep your eyes on the gigs page as more dates pop up. If there’s a town on there where you know some folks and think they might enjoy our music, please shoot them a message directing them to our humble little website here. We are gonna need some help. Please help. You’re our only hope.

In other business news, the new recording project is coming along quite nicely. This past week in the studio we had some exciting guest musicians lay down some magic: Sax, flute, tuba, cans, bells…. This record is gonna be awesome! When is this new music gonna be available you ask? Sometime this year.


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