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That was weird….And awesome

So the other night I had this dream. I was at a Dead show with all my closest friends and the show was just about to start. We were in the midst of predicting the opener when BAM!!!!, here come the Dead. The crowd went crazy when Jerry picked up old Lightning Bolt and began plucking a few notes here and there. Was that a slight wah I heard? KABLAMMO!!!…Shakedown Street (Just like the opener for the only actual Dead show I saw at RFK in ’95). They go through the first verse and then things start getting crazy. They vamp for a minute and Jerry says they want to welcome out a special guest for a while. And guess who comes out? You’ll never guess, so I’ll just let you know. It was Michael Jackson. The stadium starts convulsing with excitement. MJ starts singing the second verse and it is sweet. Then Mickey and Billy start gettin’ into it and it melds into a drum jam. And then Michael Jackson runs back and picks up some sticks and starts getting funky with the Devils. It was crazy.

The next thing I know, that funky bass line gets a little weird…Something I’ve heard before but can’t quite place. Then I wake up. Stupid cell phone. Made me miss the rest of the show.


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