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Ted Karanikolas May 15, 1943 – February 15, 2010

By February 16, 2010updates

Ted has been the proprieter of Tiffany Tavern since 1981. Tiffany Tavern has been the DC’s bluegrass focal point for just as long. Ask any picker who’s been through the DC area where to catch some bluegrass when in town and they will most likely point you towards Ted’s Tiffany Tavern in Old Town Alexandria.

When I first began studying bluegrass music, Tiff’s was the first place I frequented to learn how to pick. Ted gave Hanson and me one of our first regular playing gigs – running the open mic one night a week. We met a banjo player there and soon teamed up with an upright bass to form our very own bluegrass band: Over Under Down Yonder. After much pestering, Ted finally gave OUDY a trial slot much coveted by local bluegrass bands and we were lucky enough to be invited back.

Ted personally gave me so very much in support of my musical endeavors. From a place to learn (for free, I might add) to a place to network with other musicians to the chance he gave us to finally share that which we had learned with others, it all started with Ted.

Ted passed away yesterday and I will miss him.

Thank you for everything Ted, and I promise that I will never play music next door.


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