Snowed In

By February 10, 2010herb's eye view

For those of you who don’t know, the last 6 days have compiled roughly 40 inches of snow around the greater DC area, where I live. And aside from the weather recently forcing us to cancel 2 shows, it’s been pretty great. At least for me.

Unfortunately, I’ve already heard a story of a friend of mine spinning out of control on I-395 and smashing up her car on a jersey wall. Then there’s the story of another pal whose unmoving car was front-ended by a snow plow in motion. I’ve driven by at least 4 other accidents this past week. There are power lines and trees down preventing another friend who braved a long, precarious drive only to be denied entrance to his home because of the obstacles. My brother’s friends were powerless and snowed in for a good 20 or so hours leading them to contemplate an escape and foot-trek to some place with warmth and electricity.

But, through it all, I’ve had a darn good time.

My cousin came over from Los Angeles for a visit and to attend a coupla hockey games. We were lucky to have this storm hit us at the same time — he doesn’t ever really get to see a whole lot of it. We’ve been on a coupla snow hikes: one for the grocery store, and one to take pictures and have a snow ball fight. Well…I guess there may have been snow balls involved in both walks… After digging out my car and driving out of the spot, my car had left a pretty neat imprint of its right side in the snow bank; almost like a fossil!

My favorite thing so far may be the amount of time I’ve been able to spend with my siblings. We, all of us, have such different lives that take us to different places at different times. Sometimes forever passes since the last time we all hung out together. But these last coupla storms have us snowed in together, cooking together, playing “Celebrity” together (a cool-ass game, by the way!), drinking together, geeking out together, and catching up over all.

The snow has given us this great opportunity and I feel fortunate that I’m able to take advantage of it. Thank you, snow.

Now quit fallin’, ’cause I’m sick of these people and I’m about to lose my mind and practice my knife work!

Just kidding….yeah….


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