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…and I Got No Place to Go

By February 15, 2010herb's eye view

Getting a day off on the road is worth two at home.

Now , I don’t know if that math really checks out, but I think it’s close.

Yesterday, chatting with my pal Miranda, she mentioned how her plans for the day had been cancelled leaving her with a completely open day. She keeps real busy and coming across these days appear to be a seldom occurence. Although disappointed that her plans were unable to unfold, she admitted to feeling pretty darn good that she didn’t have anything else lined up for the rest of the day — in essence: a true “day off” from a hectic life schedule.

Days off are also few end far between for me sometimes. And when I do actually get one, it seems to fill up with chores that need to be done, car maintenance, errands, visiting friends and family that I don’t see as much as I’d like to. But when I get a day off while on the road, well! That’s another matter entirely!

Without the list of things I try to accomplish while at home, my time is managed with less expectancy. Perhaps it feeds my lazy nature, but it sure does feel great to wake up in the morning and realize that I’ve no place I need to be. Sigh… sure was nice…

Now it’s back to work!


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