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By March 16, 2010hanson says this

Coffee Shops & Frisbee Golf

I guess the bad part of starting this run of shows on a Friday is that we played two nights and then had two nights off. What the heck are we supposed to do for two days in southern VA? Apparently the answer is drink lots of coffee and play frisbee golf.

We played a pretty fun course outside of Blacksburg the other day. I beat Herb by a few strokes. Yesterday we played in Emory, VA. We tied there. Drove a bunch of miles along The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. It travels a good portion of Virginia in the south and tells you interesting things along the way. I didn’t really learn anything though. I just know we were on it because they had signs telling me so. We needed a pamphlet or something to let us know actual stuff.

Now I am just outside of Johnson City, TN at some super nice folks’ house that is right next to the home where Earl Scruggs’ grandfather used to live. Pretty cool. Herb met Jeff and Tina at Merlefest last year and now we are sleeping at their house. Thanks so much guys. You rock!


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