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By March 20, 2010hanson says this

First Day of Spring

Happy Equinox! After the awesomely cold and snowy winter we had this year, I am ready for the springtime. Rebirth. I feel like cutting my beard off today. I kicked off the outdoor activity season a day early yesterday by playing a beautiful frisbee golf course outside of Asheville, NC. Man, it was the perfect day for it. Sunny and sixty some degrees. Nice. And you could freely drink beers on the course. So we did.

Another thing that happens in the Spring that tries to make you not go outside on days like these is March…uh..madness. I normally love to sit and watch non-stop college basketball teams that I don’t really know or care for. But this year I didn’t really miss it. Wasn’t around a tv until late last night when we checked in on a few games. Let’s Go Mountaineers!!!

We’re headed toward Knoxville, TN to play tonight. just checked the weather and it’s supposed to be 70 freakin’ degrees out here today. Gonna have to find a nice spot to set up the ol’ tent for a day or two.


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