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By March 22, 2010hanson says this

Random Observations

– Western NC has gotta be one of the most beautiful places around.

– Never book a gig for the day after St. Patrick’s Day. I think Herb & I were the only ones ready to drink that day. But the good folks at Flat Rock Wine Shoppe were awesome to us.

– Speaking of that venue, we were pretty excited they still had some Bell’s Brewery Oberon left laying around. That’s a summer brew that I sure do enjoy. It was an extra special treat to have it in the winter.

– Rain plus cold plus dark plus no money leads to hanging out in the car in a moderately well lit parking lot to read. Life on the road is exciting!

– The twenty mile stretch north of Knoxville, TN is seriously lacking in terms of watering holes. We drove around looking for a bar the other night, only to be denied anything cool. We ended up stopping in a family style highway-side restaurant at 9:07pm. They were just closing. When asking where the next closest bar was, the answer came back: There are none. Weak.

– Weather update- Start of tour: cold. Two days ago: 73 degrees. Today: 45 and raining.

– Charging two bucks for a cup of coffee is already pretty steep. Especially in an eight ounce mug. Charging another dollar for a refill is effing ridiculous.

– It only takes one night of sleeping in the car for the car to smell like crap. Three nights in a row is not treating it well.


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