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By March 26, 2010hanson says this

Week Two Recap

So the second week of this trip is winding down and things are really in full swing. Drivin’ everyday, playin’ every night… It doesn’t get much better than this. Last night we were almost in Ohio at The Southgate House in Newport, KY. Kinda rough gig sound wise, as we have been getting spoiled with high quality gear and sound people and such. We rolled in and plugged our stuff into their house gear and really struggled to get a decent sound. But we tromped through the difficulties and fell back on our rule of playing really loud when things start falling apart. Whoops… I shouldn’t tell you the secret to our success. Just kidding.

I played a little basketball the other day. I gotta tell ya, I still got it. I totally schooled the people I was playing with. So what if that included a 6 six year old, a 3 year old, a developmentally disabled 16 year old, and Herb. I still got it!

On the way home from the gig last night we drove through some moderately serious snow. What the hell’s up with that? Luckily, Herb navigated it successfully and now it’s sunny and 40 degrees outside. C’mon Spring! Stop teasing me. Let’s get this warm weather here for good.

The good folks that are housing us here in Kentucky have two small girls. Sam and Abbey. They’re pretty rockin’. Yesterday we were playing hide and seek in their house. I hid so well that they gave up looking for me but forgot to tell me. I finally got bored and came out of the hiding place. Also, they call me Mr. Mike or Mr. Handsome. All the ladies agree. I am one handsome guy.

That’s enough incoherent babble for now. Thanks to all you guys who are out there reading this stuff. Hopefully it’s enjoyable.


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