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By March 28, 2010hanson says this

Sunday In The South

Man oh man. It’s sure hard to find something to do to fill some time in the rain when it’s Sunday in the south. EVERYTHING is closed. Well, almost everything. Caught a movie today. Shutter Island. Pretty darn good. I’ve become a fan of little boy Leo’s acting in recent years. And Scorsese? C’mon! Freaking awesome.

But other than that, coffee shops are closed. Restaurants are closed. Bars are closed. Bookstores are closed. Everything is closed. It’s frustrating sitting the car, in the rain, with no place to go.

One more thin: How bout those Mounties?!? Final Four baby. And now they go against Duke. I freakin’ hate Duke and love the Mounties. Can’t wait for Saturday.


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