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By March 30, 2010hanson says this

Pickin’ For Meals

So last night we had the day off and were traveling between Charleston, WV and Winston Salem, NC. A town pretty much right in the middle of those two is Wytheville, VA. The rain was pouring down and darkness was coming and we didn’t know what the heck we were gonna do with ourselves for the night. We rode down Main St. Wytheville looking for the local watering hole and stumbled upon The Log House. Started drinkin’. Ate a meal. Started talkin’ with the incredibly nice bartender, Dana. It soon came out that we were traveling musicians and were just passing through on a night off. And before you know it, we were standing in the corner playing our tunes to the very appreciative crowd of locals.

And then after you know it, we weren’t paying for our meal or our drinks and being offered places to sleep for the night. I’m there right now. At Larry’s house. It was a pretty awesome, random night of pickin’ tunes. Thanks to all you kind souls who were at The Log House last night.


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