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By March 28, 2010herb's eye view

Played our fourth new golf course since embarking on this trip in Huntington before our set at the V Club downtown. The Rotary Park was a gorgeous course that switch-backed up a big hill after the first 3 holes. It was a beautiful walk in the woods chasing our discs on a 64 degree West Virginia spring day. At least, that is how we are referring to it because the course just about kicked our butts! Regardless, it was a super fun course; and I would have played it again had it not been raining today.

This morning was pretty funny when we were trying to find a coffee shop in Huntington town. The day before, we located the Starbucks and stayed away. This morning, we found 2 shops, but they were closed for various reasons. After hunting down some wi-fi Internet, we google-searched for other shops around and were informed that there were only 3 in town. Yep.

As luck would have it, upon our exit from Huntington town towards Charleston and a coffee shop elsewhere, we spotted the 64 diner on the side of the road right next to the interstate. I says to ol’ Hanson, I says, “I bet they got coffee in there!” Huzzah!

We entered into a room with a lone patron seated at a table behind a cup of coffee. As we spent a few minutes studying the menu without seeing anyone else, the lone patron informs us that he had to wait a bit before someone seated him and suggested that we flag someone down and let them know that we were there.

After doing so, we placed our attention back onto the menu and resumed our process for deciding on our mid-day sustenance. The chicken and dumplings caught my eye and I quickly became excited about them and began to strategize how I would be able to involve them into my meal. I argued with myself audibly, “Should I get the chicken and dumplings meal? Or should I have it as a side order to something else?”

The lone patron sympathized with my dilemma and said to me, “I wouldn’t get too attached to those dumplings. I asked about them earlier, and the waitress told me that they were out.”

I was abruptly deflated.

Hanson asks the lone patron, “Do you eat here often?”

“I ate hear once about a year ago”, says the lone patron, “I had the chicken and dumplings and decided to come back today for them.”

He had the meatloaf with taters instead.


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