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Sports are rad. Just last night I was watching sports and here is what I saw: A come from behind overtime victory by the future Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals. And simultaneously, there was a 20 inning battle going on between the NY (pronounced “nigh”) Mets and the dirty filthy rotten Cardinals from St. Louis. Fortunately, the Mets won. What a game.

And besides that one evening of watching sports by myself, I just really enjoy them. What a great social tool of camaraderie, companionship, and also hatred. It’s a nice balance. Baseball season is getting in full swing right now. I’m a Cubs fan for those that don’t know. I’m forever optimistic. Until the season starts and they remind me why they haven’t won it all since 1908. The Cubs suck.

And how many days until the World Cup starts? Not too many, my friends. the world’s tournament is only a couple short months away. It’s gonna be awesome.

That’s all I gotta say about sports right now.


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