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By April 22, 2010hanson says this

Rough Busking

Herb and I had the day off up in NYC yesterday so we took our instruments out in public to try and make a little dough on the streets. We headed out to Washington Square Park, as the day was beautiful and tons of people were out and about. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after we got there the winds picked up, the clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped a good 15 degrees and everybody ran for cover. Then it started raining.

Discouraged, but not beat, we headed underground to the subway to continue our project. After playing about 4 songs and already raking in some good cash, things were looking up. Until the cops told us we had to leave. Now, I’ve looked up the laws for busking in NYC and I’m pretty sure this particular officer was wrong in her instructions to us. but how do you argue with the cops? You don’t. So we again packed up and headed out.

This time we were beat and we got went and got some cheap dumplings and some beers. Ah well. We’ll try again some other time.


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