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Moonshine + Mando = No Mando

By April 1, 2010herb's eye view

So, last night, with the assistance of some shine from Wytheville, I managed to destroy my mandolin.

I found it this morning in the smouldering embers of last night’s fire pit burned and fused with a melted collapsible chair.

Obviously, my recollection is hardly anything at all, but I was told that I was the last to go to bed and that I mentioned that I would take care of putting out the fire before turning in myself. I’m a big ol’ jerk all around. I apparently never safely extinguished the fire and I never properly stowed my mandolin away; and now, I need some help.

Although I’ve lost an instrument, we still have a ton of shows to play. Does anyone know of a mando I’d be able to acquire on the cheap? Something stage ready that would be able to tide me over before I’ve saved enough for a proper instrument down the line?

Any leads would be fantastic!

I’m also gonna work on not being so damn stupid.

Thanks everybody.


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