By April 18, 2010herb's eye view

We decided to have some wings the other day. But instead of going out for ’em, we decided to come up with our own sauces. I was with my sister and our cousin visiting from the Left Coast and we concluded that 3 types of sauces were necessary wherein we would each need to come up with 1 type and we would all share in the wing-good-li-ness. Oh, yes…

My sister came up with a tangy, garlicky potion consisting of boiling down white wine, vinegar, and sugar into a fine and sticky syrup. She accentuated her sauce with some red chile sauce. Mm, mm!

I threw together a Thai-inspired basil and peanut sauce. I took tomato sauce, coconut milk, peanut butter, and a ton of basil together and heated it up with some finely minced jalapeno. Fire in the hole!!

Our cousin bought a bottle of BBQ sauce and poured it on top of his wings.



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