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Greenpoint Pizza

By April 22, 2010herb's eye view

We checked out a new pizza joint that had only been open for a coupla months. It is located in Greenpoint and boasts a ceramic tiled wood stove. Their menu displayed options with fresh mozz (kinda my favorite; I now find it difficult to use the other stuff), fresh basil, and a pie that was topped with a mountain of arugala dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, and pecorino among other things. But, these were the morsels we ended up indulging in.

And because they were newly opened, they were still working on actualizing their goal of having full liqour service. Unfortunately for us, they weren’t fully operational yet. To assuage me, they welcomed the idea of bringing into their establishment libations from outside. I took full advantage and enjoyed quite thoroughly this particular evening’s meal.

Thank you Greenpoint. It sure is nice to visit.


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