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Worth Checking Out

Here are a few things I’ve listened to, read or seen that I think are worth checking out:

Book- The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami. In all honesty, I haven’t finished this book yet. But so far it is incredible. It follows the all too normal life of a young Japanese man that quickly slides into a roller coaster ride of surreal and mystical experiences. It involves some interesting commentary on life in Japan that has really struck a chord with me. Both in modern life and during the post-war era. Like I said, I’m not quite done yet, but it has already inspired me to learn more about Japan. And to read more over seas authors.

Movie- The White Ribbon. Another attempt to throw myself into another culture. This is an Austrian film that takes place in Germany right before the first world war. It was a surprisingly fast moving and thrilling movie that kept me wondering what was gonna happen. And it was visually amazing. Shot in all black and white, the director used shots that really reflected the tension and emotion of the time frame. I assume anyway. I wasn’t there. But the emotion and terror felt by the characters was very well done and driven.

Music- Here’s a mixture of stuff I’ve been getting into and stuff I’ve been revisiting of late: The Felice Brothers, Trampled By Turtles, Michael Hurley, Matt Jones, Nina Simone and Young MC.



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