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Internet is Pretty Much Free

By May 10, 2010herb's eye view

Owning internet is overrated.

I haven’t had internet service at my home for over 4 months now, and I think I’m getting by just fine.

I live in an apartment complex, and paying for internet on one’s own-some just seems foolish. Whenever my computer searches for a signal, a long, huge list of different internets pops up. We live so close to eachother; why do we not share internet? Save some scratch? Corrupt eachother’s files?

Everything was peachy for a while as I was sharing internet service with a neighbor who lived above me.

But then, he moved out.

Still okay. Spoke with another neighbor who lived below me and ended up sharing internet with him for a while.

But then, he moved out too.

Now, I’m out of neighbor friends who live close enough to share a decent signal with and have been without service since early january.

But, that’s okay.

In the spring, Hanson and I embarked on a 3 week long trip singin’ tunes, and had to grab the internet whenever we could at various different places. To our disappointment, there was never a signal found at Wal-Mart parking lots (where we spent many a night’s slumber).

Upon returning home, I’ve maintained the same mind-set of hooking up with the inter-tron whereever I may get a chance to.

Sure, it ain’t as convenient as it used to be. But I’m a stubborn bastard; and I’m getting my work done.

p.s. Happy birthday to my pops, Herb Sr. who has given me sooo many articles of clothing over the years. It’s strange to imagine that he was my size at one point in his life. Thanks, dad!


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