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By May 25, 2010herb's eye view

It is Delfest week.

Last year, we were fortunate enough to get a stage slot and be a part of this shindig.

This year, I feel fortunate that we DON’T have a slot and can do whatever we want, whenever we want.

Okay, you got me. Of course, I’d rather have a slot, but the rationale ain’t so bad, no?

Unfortunately, I think that this will be the only festival that I will be able to go to this season. I’m looking forward to eating cold sandwiches with good friends; pickin’ tunes at the fire when the stages quiet down; maybe nippin’ a little shine; soakin’ in the sun; fending off some rain; splurging on a falafel or funnel cake; sleeping in my tent; running into old pals and making new ones.

Folks, I’ll see you in Del.


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