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By June 30, 2010hanson says this

All 50 States! Part One

So I’ve only got two left to hit, New Hampshire and Maine. And I am going to them in a couple weeks to play some music and explore. Since I am so close to my goal, I have decided to go back and think about what I did in each state. It started off by wanting to list the highlight of each state. That happened for the most part I guess. But sometimes I listed the most memorable thing that happened to me there. For example, Delaware.

So here is the first installment of three of the things I have done and seen in the 50 states:

Alabama- Hike to Walls of Jericho, the Grand Canyon of the South.

Alaska- 5 week hitchhiking trip throughout state. Also living in my tent for a month on a cliff overlooking Skagway, AK.

Arizona- Hiking down into Grand Canyon. Hiking back out was not quite as fun.

Arkansas- A meal on the banks of the Mississippi.

California- Hmmm… So many… Camping on some cliffs over looking the Pacific in northern CA.

Colorado- Rocky Mountain National Park. My introduction to the Rockies.

Connecticut- Walked around Stamford.

Delaware- Car broke down on 95 North and I spent the night in Newark, DE at a crappy hotel.

Florida- camping on the keys.

Georgia- Start of Appalachian Trail

Hawaii- Beach, volcanoes, pineapples, crater, snorkeling, etc…

Idaho- Hepatitis outbreak in Coeur D’Alene. Camping in Sawtooth National Forest for the birth of the ungulate.

Illinois- Glenallen Hill hitting the game winning grand slam at Wrigley. Go Cubs! Also, being at game 6 of NLCS aka the Bartman game. That’s obviously not a highlight. It’s a BIG lowlight. But it sure was memorable. unfortunately.

Indiana- I’ve been stuck in Indiana multiple times needing car repairs. Weird.

Iowa- Camping in a beautiful state park. can’t recall teh name right now. But I was shocked how beautiful Iowa is.

Kansas- Played a gig in Wichita. It was weird. And cool.

Kentucky- Playing a radio show in Lexington. So much fun.


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