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By July 8, 2010hanson says this

Wild and Wonderful Week

Well, it sure has been an amazing week in West Virginia so far. It all started with a really fun time on the 4th of July in Charleston, WV. Never before has a town welcomed us so extravagantly. There was a huge fireworks show on the Kanawha River right before our performance. Pretty impressive guys. Thanks! And then despite Herb’s pessimism regarding a potential place to crash, we met a fantastic young lady named Jenny (sp?). Despite the fact that we were two dirty and smelly dudes, she welcomed us into her home. First she warned us that she had no furniture. I thought she just meant, like, no couches or extra beds for us or anything. But she meant it very literally. She had ZERO pieces of furniture. Quite an interesting girl. Thanks again Jenny!

The next day we headed down to Fayetteville, WV near the New River. Since we had some time to kill we found ourselves a nice little frisbee golf course at one of the rafting companies. We shot some disc and then had a couple beers with a handful of the guides who were relaxing after a long day on the river. And then we headed to Wing Night. If you don’t know what wing night is, then you obviously haven’t been to Fayetteville on a Monday. We rocked out for a few hours in the amusement like atmosphere and then headed to the nights campground. good day overall.

Then came a day off. Being in such a beautiful area led to many outdoor activities to choose from. we choose the laziest one. just sat by the banks of the New River and watched the boats go by while we read books and waded in the water. Again needing a place to crash, we headed back to the rafting company we visited the previous day. Asked if we could camp there for the night and were obliged. And since we were there, they invited us to their Tuesday night private guide party. Met some amazing folks and had a great time. Thanks Songer!

Wednesday required us to hit the road again, and we traveled north to Elkins. Found a moderately cheap campground and got ready to rock out at El Gran Sabor. What a place! Genuine Venezuelan cuisine cooked by Derdlim, the co-owner, with her husband Rob. Great folks. Great listening room. Really great times. If you’re ever in elkins, you should go there.

And now I find myself at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV, just wasting time until I get to play my guitar again. Only one more night in the mountain state. I sure have been enjoying it.


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