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Netflix, I Miss Thee…

By July 12, 2010herb's eye view

Sometimes I wonder why I have Netflix.

I opted for this mail service when years ago I was checking all of the local video stores for the movie “Tron” unsuccessfully. Nobody carried it. Not even on VHS (remember those?).

I had heard of Netflix at this point for some time now through my buddy Pete. He kept talking up the praises of being able to acquire pretty much any title you might be able to think of without owning anything. At first, that sounded weird. But thinkin’ on it, it became a lot cooler — satisfying my movie addiction without amassing any sort of collection and clutter. Sign me up!

When I first signed up for this DVD service, I had a 3-DVD-per-month plan. It was great! I love watching movies and was voraciously doing so for a good clip of my life some years ago.

Then I started going out of town a bunch to sling songs across this great land and I find myself less often at home near my mailbox with those little red envelopes unfortunately denied for days, sometimes weeks before I can turn my attention to them.

I’ve even trimmed my plan down from 3 DVDs to just 1 DVD per month; and I’m still wincing whenever I get my bill for $9.44.

“Nine dollars and forty-four cents!? I’ve only watched one DVD this past month!! It cost me nearly ten bucks?!”

I suppose it’s still cheaper than a non-matinee night at the theater. And I still have access to ba-jillions of titles. And there is the whole great convenience of it all…

Every month, I tell myself these things to reaffirm my current status as a Netflix member; and every month I hesitantly pay $9.44.


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