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Connecticut Blues

By July 23, 2010herb's eye view

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at Kent Falls park in Connecticut. The weather was gorgeous; just about perfect. There was sunshine broken by sparse clouds with intermittent breezes. The day was cool as we walked around the park checking out the waterfalls at different elevations. Just gorgeous!

Today, it is raining; but, that’s okay. Things are still nice and cool here in Connecticut. We’re looking forward to a slight break in the weather to squeeze a round of golf in before we head over to New Haven for our slot tonight. This’ll be our last slot before heading home.

Looking up the weather, it appears that it’ll be a good 100 degrees back in the DC area when we roll in tomorrow. Ouch! These last few days up here in the north have left me forgetting that we are in the middle of summer.

It’ll be good to be back home regardless of it being hotter than a crotch.

Just hope my blood’s still thinned out enough.


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