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By August 9, 2010hanson says this

Bloggity Blog blog blog

Sorry for no blogs recently. Lame, I know. I’ll just take a second here to tell you what I have been up to recently. And what I’m about to get up to. Grammar good yes.

So this past weekend I went up north to “The Cape” for Amanda’s grandfathers 80th birthday party. There were a TON of funny things about this get together. The least not being that his birthday is still a month and a half away and they threw him a surprise birthday party. Or the fact that the birthday boy’s sister’s husband almost got squashed by the garage door. But the whole shebang was awesome and hanging out with the Hanberry clan was a treat for sure. It was a great time that is hard to explain via typing because you can’t hear me attempt to imitate that famous new england accent that was rampant all weekend.

So we just traveled home to Brooklyn today. But only for the night. Tomorrow we travel north to the Adirondacks for a ten day adventure in the wilderness. We’ve got a three day canoe trip plan followed by a four day backpacking trip through the Pharaoh Wilderness followed by a few nights relaxing at an official camp ground while swimming and doing some day hikes. I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET INTO THE WOODS.

So I’ll try to report on those adventures when I get back. And until then, get the hell off of your computer and go enjoy the waning days of summer. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Do not stop rocking!


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