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Hanson Goes To The Apple Store

By August 22, 2010hanson says this

I’ve got a laptop. I’m using it right now in fact. But it’s getting pretty old in computer years and has been increasingly hard to work on the last few months. Maybe it’s from all the illegal downloading or porn watching I’ve been doing. Just kidding. So after much contemplation I decided to get a new one. And since I am just as susceptible to the powerful advertising campaign of the Apple corporation as everyone else, I decided to buy a Macbook Pro. I mean honestly, I just can’t live with being the only one in the trendy New York coffee shops without that shiny silver internet machine.

I did some internet researching and learned that one can get a one hundred dollar discount for just being a student. I’m not a student, but I thought I could pass for one at the store and get the discount. My mother works for a university and I figured I could just use her email address to prove my studenthood and get that sweet sweet discount. We even have the same initials. Sounds like a done deal, right?

I walked into the store with great confidence and informed them of what I wanted and that I was just a crazy college kid who needed a little help on the price. Then they asked me to prove it. So I told them my prepared appropriate email address, thinking that would be the end of that. BUT, then they asked me to quickly log into my account just to prove that I wasn’t lying about my educational status.

Now this was a pretty sticky situation. I couldn’t log into the account because I do not know my mothers password. And it was way too embarrassing to turn to the salesperson and inform them that I was indeed lying. What to do, what to do. Well, I don’t know what you would do, but I decided that the best course of action would be to look that salesperson in the eye and s..l..o…w..l..y back away from the computer and exit the store without saying another word.

Thanks for nothing Apple.


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