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Ye Olde Sette Liste

By August 20, 2010herb's eye view

Last night before we started our set of music at ol’ Ragtime, Hanson shows me this piece of paper that he found somewhere. It was a very, very old song list that we used to refer to at shows.

Currently, our sets are about 75% – 80% original tunes versus 20% – 25% covers.

The list that Hanson showed me last night consisted of only about 15% original songs. But, there was a whole ton of Dylan songs and Dead tunes to choose from!

Looking over the list, I’d forgotten about these songs that we used to play on a regular basis. I didn’t even remember how some of them started or went. It didn’t stop us though — we went ahead a played all Dylan numbers for our first set of the night; and then we played all Dead songs for the whole second set.

It was great revisiting these selections; like saying “hi” to an old friend. We were by no means comfortable playing these songs, but it felt real good to sing them again.

Maybe tonight we’ll actually play something we’ve practiced. Prolly not. Tonight’s an OUDY show.


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