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Damn You Record Store!

By September 29, 2010hanson says this

So, I have a problem. You guys ever seen that movie Conspiracy Theory? Mel Gibson is in it. So is Captain Picard. But that’s beside the point. In the movie, the main character is kind of crazy and he can’t go in a bookstore without buying a copy of Catcher In The Rye. I have a similar but totally different problem. I can’t seem to walk past a used book store or a record shop without going inside.

This has turned into a larger problem since I have been in New York City for a while now. There are book stores and record shops EVERYWHERE. They are hiding around every corner, calling to me, saying, “Hey Mike! I got some Vonnegut you don’t have.” Or, “I’ve got a book in here about how the economics of Soccer runs the world.” Usually I’m pretty good about not buying anything because I know that I don’t have much money. But damnit, sometimes I can’t help wanting to learn about some person I don’t know and their trip to the Amazon.

So today I was walking around Brooklyn and stumbled upon a record store. Obviously I went inside to look around. I spent about an hour looking through the folk section, and the rock section, and the land of unknown possible treasures of the “New Arrivals” section. By the end of it all, I spent about 30 bucks on a handful of used records. But here’s the kicker folks: I DON’T OWN A RECORD PLAYER!!!! Why the hell am I buying something that I have no use for?! I can’t listen to that music. I can admire the artwork I guess. Pretty sweet artwork! Damn you record store!


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