What Happened to Summer?

By September 16, 2010herb's eye view

This summer just blew on by, now didn’t it?

Usually, I get over the summer’s heat right quick and long for the fall. But, this time around, I think I could stand a bit more summer.

One more trip to the beach to lay in the hot sand with a cold drink and a medium-temperatured book. One more evening where I glance at the clock to see that it is already 8pm and the sun’s still way up in the sky. One more cloud-busting thunderstorm to shake the day’s heat off for a few moments before it swallows us back up again. One more festival camping out with good pals and catching tunes on fire-fly lit stages.

Guess I shouldn’t get to greedy. I’d done quite a bit this summer and I think I took advantage of this season as best as I could.

I visited 5 states I’d never been to before — only 5 more to check out.

I hung out at 1 Great Lake, 2 oceans, and 7 rivers.

I ate crabs in Maryland, cheddar in Vermont, lobster in Maine, and pineapple in Hawaii. I even had an In-and-Out burger in Baldwin Park, California — where the first shop opened and the University is currently located.

It’s been a great summer, for sure. And, although I’m indubitably excited for the fall, I think I’d like to have just one more picnic ‘neath the blistering sun.


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