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Dear Guy At The Subway…

By October 15, 2010hanson says this

Guess what sketchy guy at the subway in Bushwick? I ALREADY HAVE A METRO CARD!!!! You don’t need to ask me every god damned day if I wanna buy an illegal second hand pass to travel on the New York subway. Even if I didn’t have a card on that particular day, I would not give you any money. Did you know that they sell metro cards in the station? And they’re selling them for the same price you’re selling them for. Maybe if you were willing to give me a dollar off a ride I might consider it. But you are not offering that. You service is not a convenience. It’s actually not even a service at all. You suck! Leave me alone! I hate you! Well, that’s a bit harsh. I don’t really hate you. But you are more annoying than when someone is cleaning their teeth by making that sucking noise. Get a toothpick or something, man. And metro card guy, get a different scam. Cause that crap can’t be making you much money. Or is it? I can’t figure out the economics of it. But I’m pretty sure you’re making like 5 cents for every ride you sell. That’s pathetic. You should probably just ask for change. Gah! I can’t stand that I have to deal with you every single day I wanna ride the train. It’s just not fair. But it’s raining sketchy guy at the subway. And I can’t ride my bike today. You are ruining my day already. Thanks for that. Damn!


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