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Things I Used To Do Are Still Fun

By November 11, 2010hanson says this


I Need To Go To The Woods More

Hey everyone. So Amanda and I have been in Virginia this week, as there has been some family business to take care of down here. And yesterday we went for a nice leisurely walk through the woods at Fountainhead Regional Park. This is a place I used to go to all the time with my friends of old to enjoy the minimal escape from the rough and rugged Northern Virginia suburbs. It’s a great big park that is mostly small rolling hills and great woods full of oaks and holly tress.

Our first order of business when entering the woods was to revisit an old activity of mine: Running really fast down a hill though the woods, pretending I am a deer. The longer Amanda knows me, the more of my natural dorkiness comes out. But she’s still sticking around. So far. She joined me in this run and was pleasantly surprised at the awesomeness of it. We avoided stray branches and bounded over fallen trees and just ran as fast as we could. Pretty awesome.

Then we meandered through the thick forest, following the gently rolling creek bed. We had to jump it a few times. My foot got submerged once. We walked across unofficial log bridges a couple times too. We finally reached Plinko Rock. You all remember Plinko, right? The game on The Price Is Right where you drop some token thing down the peg board and it bounces around until it reaches the bottom and you win the monetary amount where the token thing rests? Well this is similar. But not really. You throw a rock as high as you can at a wall of earth and it tumbles down, bouncing off trees and rocks, until it crashes into the creek in front of you. It may not sound that awesome right now, but let me assure you that it is a good time.

Over all, it was just a much needed afternoon walk through the woods. I suggest everyone do it soon. Take the time to examine the moss. And swing on a vine. And collect a few choice acorns. Maybe find a sweet quartz rock to take home and display. Take it from me, those are still fun times.


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