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Soup’s On!

By November 4, 2010herb's eye view

Chili and soup season is in full swing baby!

I was lucky enough this past weekend to partake in a wonderful chili fueled by Ricky Reese’s Hot Sauce (there’s actually a more specific name for this culinary item, but it is a bit too crass to print here). Flavors of ground beef, sirloin, and I believe some half-smoked sausages emanated throughout the dish. With a dollop of sour cream, some corn bread, and a pumpkin pie dessert, this chili became the perfect meal for the Halloween weekend.

Earlier in the season, I whipped up some lentil soup flavored with ginger, chicken stock, parmesan reggiano rind and hit with some kale right at the end for that last second wilt before serving. Delicious and nutritious!

Cooked down a ham bone (courtesy of Ma Manila) a coupla weeks ago using a recipe inspired by one of my all-time favorite dishes by Ma Hanson: Bean soup. Using my momma’s ham bone (salvaged from a ham marinated in pineapple juice for a week before baked) leaves me with little to do in terms of seasoning. Mier poix and a coupla bay leaves while the bone cooked all the way down was all that was really needed. Once the bone was done, the beans were added and cooked down ’til they thickened up the broth. Hearty!

I’m looking forward to my roommate’s next attempt at recreating her best chili ever from a coupla years back.

I’m looking forward to tomato soup and a grilled cheese.

I’m looking forward to the potato soup at Brion’s Grille.

I’m looking forward to some squash soup at the Blue Moon Cafe.

I’m looking forward to Ben’s soup of the day at the Village St. Cafe.

I’m looking forward to another batch of the J-man’s chili.

Brandle’s minestrone. Hannah’s chicken soup. Black bean and roasted corn southwest soup. Stagg’s chili. French onion from a can or from Tiff’s…

Yeah…this is a good season to be in.

Happy harvest everyone!


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