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Mid-Week Update

By December 8, 2010updates

Hi all. So winter time is coming and the windows are getting full of frost. And everyone’s starting to get pumped up for the numerous holidays that take place in this glorious month of December. I’m excited. Are you?

This week we have just one show, but it’s a super fun time extravaganza explosion show. We’ll be playing at our favorite hometown haunt of Brion’s Grille this Friday night at 10pm. We always love seeing all our local friends down there in Northern Virginia.

And get ready for nest week, when we’ll be playing 6 straight nights throughout the region. Check the schedule for when we’ll be close to your town. Boom!

One last thing, email from the contacts page is still inaccessible to us at the time being. So keep sending your all important messages to us though the facebook. Thanks everyone!


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