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Drinking and Dishes Don’t Mix

By January 31, 2011hanson says this

Sara is leaving New York today, so we all got together last night for a bon voyage party. You guys don’t know Sara, but that’s not important. Just know that she’s super cool and she’ll be missed. The original plan was to meet up for one or two drinks and say our goodbyes, and then head home for a nice meal. But so many fun people were there that we stayed late night and drank much more than we should have drunk.

After arriving home, we decided…no we NEEDED to eat some food. Too tipsy to cook up something extravagant and delicious, we settled for something thrown together that barely even resembled actual food. Who wouldn’t want to nosh on bread and avocado and a yellow pepper in a bowl with cheese and hot sauce on top? Sounded good at the time. But after eating is when the troubled started.

I was gonna clean up the few things we used to create that “meal” and soaped up the sponge. But it was only a minute or two before I removed a giant chunk of my thumb with a knife. Not the tip or anything important. Just a bloody chunk from the side. It bled for a while and I think I may have gotten a few spots on the sheets last night. And it hurt like hell. It still does actually. I hope it’s not infected.

But even if it is, it would have all been worth it because I got to say and mean one of my favorite lines from Back To The Future. Remember when one of the band members was getting Marty out of the trunk at the Under The Sea Dance? And while jimmying the lock he slipped and said, “Dammit man! I sliced my hand!” For some reason I always thought that was extra funny. And I said it right after I sliced my hand.


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