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You Think You’re So Smart!

By February 14, 2011hanson says this

I’m of course talking to Mother Nature. Or Doug McKelway. Or weather dot com. Or the Chinese government. Or whoever the heck is controlling the weather in this day and age.

For those of you on the north east coast, you know what I’m talking about. The last two days have been bee-oo-ti-fooool! Warm temperatures. Blue skies. Good gracious, it felt like spring out there! Moods were happier. People were acting friendlier. Everything seemed to be better simply because the mercury rose an extra 15 degrees or so on these normally frigid February days.

But guess what? I checked the ol’ internets to see what the outside was gonna be looking like tomorrow, and do you know what it said? High of 34. And all you overseas folks can just hold your horses. That’s Fahrenheit. So now I have to wait for a bus on the freezing, unforgiving streets of New York City. Thanks for that weather decider-er. Thanks for the small taste of pleasantness after a month long onslaught of snow and ice, only to take it right back while you laugh in the faces of all the poor souls that get their hopes up for an early springtime. You suck.


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