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For My Listening Pleasure

By February 22, 2011hanson says this

As most of you know by now, every once and a while I like to post some recommendations here for books and music and movies and such. Not review them or anything. Just to let you know about some things out there that I think are worth checking out. So here ya go:

Music: I’ve been listening to Holy Ghost Test Revival recently. These guys are a blast. Guitars. Banjos. Drums. And plenty of horns. The record I have is called So Long I Screamed. And it’s a trip back in time and to the future. Rags. Blues. Folk. Everyone should listen to this band.

Book: I just read Horns by Joe Hill. It was fun. One of those books that makes you feel like you’re reading a movie. Very quick paced with relatable characters and a pretty unique plot line. I really enjoyed it in a very non-intellectual way. Like how I like the movie Cabin Boy.

Movie: Hmmm…. I don’t know if I have much to offer in this category today. I saw the new True Grit a few weeks back. It was really awesome. But that’s old news. Oh. I did watch a couple of cool documentaries: Exit Through The Gift Shop and The Parking Lot Movie. Both were pretty good. I really liked Gift Shop and have some opinions on it that I would like to talk about with someone who has seen it. Drop me a line if this is the case. And Parking Lot was ok. But at points I was kinda put off by how awesome the attendants thought they were. You’re not better than me!

Are there other mediums of entertainment? Maybe art. I’ve been slacking in that category recently. Gotta go hit up some museums soon. So that’s it for now.


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