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Car Inspection

By February 2, 2011herb's eye view

Street legal? No.

But the Silver Sub is in the shop and will hopefully be up and running by the end of the day.

Procrastinator that I am, I waited for the last possible moment to get my car to the Inspector-man. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t able to pass me.

It was pretty funny though. Earlier in the day, I was replacing my horn in hopes that it would be the last thing I needed to do in order to pass the safety inspection. I get the horn on there okay and all, but the darn thing still won’t toot! I trace the two wires back to where they rest in the steering column only to find myself upside down, crammed into my driver side floor board staring at a mess of electrical involving, among many other things, the airbag which I imagined would explode on me if I kept on tinkering through the jungle of wires with a screwdriver.

This is where I think to myself, “Hmm…I’m pretty sure I’m way over my head.”

I decide at this point that my best course of action would be to take the Silver Sub to the inspection and fail.

Halfway through the inspection, the Inspector-man walks up to me in the waiting room, shakin’ his head, sayin’ “Herb, man, we’re checkin’ things off left and right”.

This is where I suck air in through my teeth. It’s no longer just the horn.

So now the Silver Sub’s in the shop racking up a bill that I can’t possibly afford. And I await the call from my mechanic hopefully telling me that my car is fixed up and street legal and I will be able to visit my good friend Nort this weekend and drink Hop Slam with him.

That would be sweet.


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