Tetris Is Harder Than I Remember

By March 7, 2011hanson says this

The other day I was doing some cleaning and came upon a box. This box looked like any other box from the outside. There was no label. No discernable marks to give me clues as to what lay inside. I opened the box. The contents included, but was not limited to: A rockin’ visor that had blinking lights on it that I plan on wearing to the next important social engagement. Travel Connect 4. A model ship. And my original 1989 Nintendo Gameboy.

Needless to say, I have been playing a lot of Tetris the last few days. And damn! Tetris is so much harder than I remembered. I think I used to be awesome at that game. I’m pretty sure I rocked it like no other. But now I can even get past level 15 or so. My favorite piece is still the one with three blocks on the bottom and one on top. You know the one. It’s so versatile. Love it.

Tetris is the only game I ever had for my gameboy. It came with it. My friends in 6h grade all got together and got it for my birthday. What great friends, and what a great birthday. Tetris is really the only game you need. I could play it forever. I just might.


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