It’s Spring. I Think. UPDATED

By March 21, 2011hanson says this

Ahhh… That smell is in the air. Spring. It’s mixed in with the exhaust and trash and urine smells, but it’s there. At least I assume it’s there. It’s officially springtime. The calendar tells me so. It’s a time for warmer weather, and baseball, and better attitudes, and playing outside, and…um.. other things too.

And what a great first day of spring was had. I spent it in the woods about an hour north of New York City. Amanda and I hiked along a raging creek before assenting to the top of a mountain whose name escapes me right now. 360 degree views from the top, looking at the Hudson River and Bear Mountain and everything in between. We ate Clementine oranges and a sandwich and discussed talent vs. learned ability. I had that old Dylan song about going up to Bear Mountain for a picnic stuck in my head while we were up there. I may go listen to it right now. Then we came home and I cut off the last six months of hair growth from my face. It was really the perfect first-day-of-spring day.

But today I wake up on the second day of spring and it is cold and windy and rainy with a chance of snow. What the hell is up with that? That’s like telling me you are going to give me an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top every day from here on out. On the first day you give me said sundae. But on the second day you punch me in the balls. Not cool, spring. Not cool at all.

Update: So I woke up yesterday to snow on the ground during my way too early walk to my bus to the DC. And guess what? My face was freezing.


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