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Today Is Hot (UPDATED!)

By June 9, 2011hanson says this

You know it’s hot out when you wake up in your 3rd floor non-air conditioned Brooklyn apartment at 6 am in a pool of your own sweat. Gah! And then you just don’t stop sweating, because how can I accomplish that? It seems impossible. And the heat just drains all your energy and motivation so you just wanna lay down on the floor with a fan blowing on you full blast thinking about the time you were hiking through 18 inches of snow through the Great Smokey Mountains in March. I was comfortable then. I cannot get comfortable now. I dislike when it is this hot out. At least when it’s wicked cold out I can put on 5 layers of clothes and a hat and gloves and feel just fine. I can only get so naked as I lay on the floor with bags of frozen vegetables on my chest and sweating.

It is supposed to rain later today though and cool things down to normal for this time of year. The last couple days are just a sneak peak at what I have to look forward to as the summer really sets in in the near future.

Stay cool. Staaaaaaay cool.

UPDATE— It is now early afternoon and I decided to go to a local coffee shop to steal internet and enjoy the conditioned air. On the one mile or so bike ride, I rode through 4 open fire hydrants with kids running around and enjoying the city sprinklers. Fun. But then I got to the coffee shop and their AC is broken. So now I am sitting here drinking an ice coffee and using the internet with an unappealing amount of sweat exiting my body. Hot.


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