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A Short, But Wonderful Reprieve

By July 20, 2011hanson says this

It’s summertime and it is hot. The massive heat wave that swept through the midwest this week has reached us here in Brooklyn. And I don’t like it one bit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I can only get so naked, and I’m still hot as all heck. I so much prefer the winter where I can easily regulate my body temperature. Summertime is for the birds.

The special lady friend and I decided it was necessary to leave the hot box of the city for the day. We headed north for a bit and entered Harriman State Park in New York. It was already about 8 degrees cooler up there since the ratio of asphalt to grass jumped from about 99:1 in the city to 1:99 there in the park. And the walk through the woods was just what our heat exhausted souls needed. We headed in about 3 miles to a beautiful lake with rock outcroppings abound to jump off of into the cool refreshing water below. It was amazing. After about 4 hours of relaxing next to, and in, the lake, we hiked back out to the car. It was a sad end to our mini vacation.

But the day itself wasn’t over. We still had to go back to Brooklyn. And unfortunately I got moderately sunburned. And unfortunately there is no air conditioning in the apartment. And unfortunately it is 90 degrees in here right now. And unfortunately it feels even hotter because my skin is radioactive. I am starting to really dislike the summertime.


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