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Anybody Got A Cookie?

By August 25, 2011herb's eye view

I’m not one to usually have a hankering for any particular food item. Nor do I, by any means, have any kind of a sweet tooth. But right now it’s raining, I’m in the middle of my laundry, and I just finished eating my lunch of ramen noodles — and I could sure go for a cookie.

I don’t feel like getting all wet just to satisfy my cookie craving. Plus, I’m gonna have to attend to my laundry soon (I’m not a fan of just leaving my stuff in the machines to sit while my neighbors wait for a machine to free up).

Do people deliver cookies? If I look into this, I should probably search for “baked goods delivery” and not specifically “cookies”. They probably don’t deliver. Wonder what I would tip the cookie deliverer? A buck a cookie sounds extravagant, but…they did go through the trouble of bringing me a cookie. How crazy would it be if the girl scouts came knocking on my door right this minute? I’m a-go check the door right quick!

Nope. No cookies. My landlady would never let those solicitors into our building.

Okay. So I did a bit of a google search. There are cookie gift baskets that deliver, but not on the same day. Lots of bakeries deliver in the area, but their focus is on cakes. No one seems to be offering to deliver a small amount of cookies. Everything’s just about the size of a catering order. I’m not surprised though. Who in their right mind would get into the business of delivering small, single serving amounts of cookies to lazy bastards like me?

I think the rain quit. Gonna get a cookie! After my laundry.


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