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How Do I Use This Thing?

By September 12, 2011hanson says this

I’m planning on doing a bit of overseas traveling this fall, and I’m obviously really looking forward to it. In talking to some folks, it became apparent that I needed to get something that my life had previously not required: An ATM card. So I strolled on down to the bank and signed myself up.

It reminded me of when I first opened up my bank account some 5 or 6 years ago, and the very nice bank lady handed me the form to get an ATM card. I said I wouldn’t be needing one. Her face told me how confused she was by this, and sked me how I would get money. Not sure how to respond, I meekly replied, “Working?”. But who knew that eventually she’d be right. I now need it and am expecting it in the post (that’s english for mail. but don’t we all speak english? it’s the other english…). But having never needed to use one of those cash dispensing machines in the past, I might come calling for someone out there to walk me through it.


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