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Herb’s Car

By September 28, 2011hanson says this

The other day we drove to Slippery Rock, PA to play some of our music at The North Country Brewery. It’s a great place full of great people and great beer. The evening started as so many do for us, as we pulled up and illegally parked the car in the fire lane right in front of the venue to unload all the gear. After we unloaded, Herb went to move the car and I started setting things up for rock. But only a couple of minutes later Herb came back in and said he thought his battery was dead.

Hmmmm… What to do? The manager on duty was incredibly helpful and asked the bartender on duty if he could give us a jump. He pulled his truck around and we gave it a shot. Nothing. It did not work.

Hmmmm… What to do? At this point we’re supposed to start performing in about 30 minutes. The incredibly helpful manager on duty then thought to call one of the owners of the establishment whose husband owned a shop down the road. So we waited for his arrival. And waited. And waited. Eventually show time came so we started rocking out.

The guy, named Kevin, arrived and we took a short break after the first set. We all headed out to the car to take a look. He tried a few things that didn’t work and then said he was gonna go and get some tools to do a more thorough inspection. So we went back in to rock the faces off of the patrons. A short time later Kevin came back in and said everything was under control. Nice.

So after the show Kevin showed Herb and I how to start the car. The problem lied with the clutch. There was a bad or loose wire somewhere that connects the clutch to the power source, aka the battery. So he got a wire out of his truck, connected one end to the clutch somewhere under the hood (I obviously know very little about cars), and the other end was floating. To start the car, you had to make sure the car wasn’t in gear, turn the key to the full on position, pop the hood, and take that floating piece of wire and touch it to the battery terminal. When doing this, the engine roared back into it’s created purpose. Awesome!

So here in this blog that I SERIOUSLY doubt Kevin will ever set eyes on, Herb and I would just like to throw you one more huge thanks for being so generous with your time and knowledge in helping us get to the next show (which was the next night 4.5 hours away). Everyone at the North Country Brewery is the best.


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