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By November 8, 2011updates

Bob Dylan seemed to think that constant motion assisted inspiration. Let’s hope that this works during this month off for ‘ol H&H as they traipse through Virginia’s and Maryland’s eastern shore, the Left Coast, and Central and South America, respectively.

You may ask yourself, “But, don’t Herb & Hanson travel 25,000 miles a year playing shows? Why don’t they write songs on the road?”

The road’s different when touring. That’s for drinking.*

“Lookin’ left, turnin’ right. Eyes up front not behind.

Can’t seem to find the line ‘though you’re tryin’.

And you’ve done every deed calculatedly conceived

with your appetite the whetter and your tears a-far from dryin’.

Oh! It’s a mess, but only just.

Pick it up or leave it. I don’t care.

Please, keep refraining from complaining ’bout the carpet that you’re staining.

It won’t matter in a hundred years.” — work in progress, H&H

*This is intended as a joke as Herb and Hanson never have nor will they ever condone operating vehicles or heavy machinery while under the influence of alcohol.


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