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Greetings From Guatemala

By November 20, 2011hanson says this

Hello there H&H loyal listeners. I am currently in Antigua, Guatemala taking a night off from the revelry and excitement. I wanted to stop in and fill you all in on some of the excitement of this months travels. Here is an incomplete list of awesome things I have done and seen this month down here in central America:

– Visited ancient Mayan ruins on the beaches of Tulum and the jungles on Coban in Mexico.

– Walked around Belize City after dark. (Apparently this is very frowned upon)

– Camped in the Belizian jungle and was awoken by howler monkies at dawn.

– Had a howler monkey come close enough to me that I could have touched it.

– Visited small villages and talked with awesome people.

– Camped at Tikal in the shadow of 200 foot temples. Then climbed he highest temple at 5am to witness the sunrise over the Guatemalan jungles. Quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever done.

– Snorkled at the second largest coral reef in the world among the giant rays and sharks off the coast of Belize.

– Read a great book in a hammock along Barton Creek.

– Swam in crystal clear natural pools at Sumec Champey in Guatemala. He most beautiful place I have ever set my eyes upon.

– Walked the markets of numerous cities and towns buying the cheapest and best produce the earth has to offer.

– Toured a coffee plantation and learned all about my favorite beverage.

– Briefly attended what we think was a Guatemalan Pentcostal revival type service.

And that’s only a handful of the highlights for a trip that is only just passed half over. I can’t wait to see what the rest of it has in store for me.

In other news, my fingers are getting seriously soft. Since I am stupidly traveling without a guitar, I have been reliant on finding some along the way. So far, this has onlyhappened twice. The first time, I got to play quite a bit yanks to he kindness of a 13 year old girl whose family ran the hostel we stayed at. I proceeded to break a string. I still feel terrible because she lived an hours drive down a dirt road to the closest replacement. Hopefully there will more chances for me to rock along the way.


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